Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Feeling inspired :P

Hey everyone! :)

So basically today I went to JSA and my body was killing me...I wouldn't go into details about it because it's pretty much the same....that aside I actually was talking to my advisor about my trip to Whales when I went in year 9 (I was 14 then ^^), it was a 1 week trip and I was surprised that my dad actually let me go :P (actually a few months back the topic came about and my dad was indenial and was shocked that he did let me go...so funny ^^) So anyways it just felt so nostalgic when I was thinking talking about it, making me really excited and thinking of going again...but of course that wouldn't happen given my health and the timing :P

Anyways, in the last few days and still continuing, I was watching my an anime called Aikatsu! It's a very interesting anime, and very childlike :P but I still like watching it. It's about a rising idol and how she goes through all the different events and auditions to gain to the top and beat her idol, along the way she meets other idols and other things happen. Anyway, one of the key features of the anime was the clothing cards that they all have. Different branded clothes suiting different people and the outfits! It's inspired me to draw outfits in the forms of cards and share them with you all :P Make it into a collectable fashion cards too! :D So yeah I think I might start it up!! :D another thing to keep me occupied! :D

Also you all know about my job interview next week right? Well, I got a call from my uni today asking me to come in tomorrow for a mock interview! :D So yeah I'm going to go tomorrow to see if it goes well, so wish me good fortune! :D

Take care and think positive!! xoxox

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