Wednesday, 2 October 2013

House bound in a way...

Hey everyone! :D

Hope your all wonderfully great! :D I felt like blogging a little earlier than usual because I felt like i was to share how I'm feeling right now with you all :)

I woke up today feeling A LOT  of pain! :O I mentioned previously about my bone condition, well when I went to collect my meds I needed to speak with a doctor about my current health situation which basically I was not capable of working. Suprisingly I did get the appointment in less than half an hour! :O

So when I did consult with the doctor he did give me my letter to see how it's like for the next 3 weeks and to see if I can work here and there and of course whatever the outcome the appropriate action will be taken :) I will be showing this letter to my agency but I will not be going in today as it's quite far away and my body won't be able to handle it today. Anyway, aside from that the doctor explained to me clearly that my bones where getting thinner? Honestly I didn't quite understand what that meant but then he explained to me that the way my bones are supposed to be growing aren't actually. At this point I felt oh gosh this sounds so serious! :O But I kept calm and asked him what is the cause of this (because once you know the cause it's easier to find out how to solve it) he said it could be numerous things and that I won't know for sure until I go to the hospital. He said in my case it's more likely to be my lack in vitamin D which I thought was the case too because that's what I'm taking and he said it takes a while for the effect to kick in.

End of the consultation I got my meds, sick letter and of course some more understanding of my condition. The main thing is that I need to wait for my hospital appointment to know any furthur. For the current time I shall be at home most of the time (I will definitely make the most of this time by trying to get other things done).

Anyway that's all for now oh and one more thing I am trying to update the look of my blog so please let me know what you think :) I think it needs a change :P Anyways take care and think positive xoxox

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