Friday, 18 October 2013

Surprisingly ok :D

Hey everyone! :D

So today I had my ICT class and honestly saying I really enjoyed it, I thought that because it's kind of the things that I already knew it would be a little too simple but I actualy learnt a few things, just like the saying goes you learn something new everyday :D

Anyway during my 3 hour class I really thought that I would be uncomfortable and wouldn't be able to sit still for too long but in actuality I was able to sit still with very little discomfort and was able to get my work done of course I had to put up my feet on the chair and felt a little rude doing that in front of my teacher but she said it was ok and that she understood so I kept it and continued :D

So overall today was a really good day and I think I learnt a lot anyways I think I will also announce that I will start doing the drawing designs for the clothes either today or tomorrow! Really excited!! :D Anyways take care all and think positive as always! xoxox

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