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Monday, 28 October 2013

Happy 1 year anniversary Aston and some special news! :D

Hello People! :D

Ok so today there are a few things I would like to get out in the open one is bad but on the other hand it's actually balances out with good points...actually more good than bad :D So firstly, lets that the bad thing out of the way, it's basically that there's quite a bit of a storm around the South of the UK so it said that it would hit just a little bit over around the South East (where I basically in London). Honestly we don't really get storms and things like the way the get it in US and other counttries. So it becomes a much bigger deal in here, especially in London because it's not common and people tend to get a little apprehensive ofor their own safety and such that some don't even prepare for it! Well to be honest that's not me...or my family...sort of :) Anyways,, there is quite a heavy wind and it said to last for about 2-3 days! :O so I was quite surprised by this! :D Fortunately, everyone in my family are safe! 

Ok now that the bad news is gone, lets go on to the next point :) Ok so today is the 1 year anniversary of owning Aston!!! :D This day last year Aston was brought home to our little home! :D He's a cheeky one and the most adorably cute one too! I thought I'd share some photoa of Aston from this day 1 year ago and one for this current day too! So here it is!! :D

 Here are the pictures from 1 year ago (28/10/2012):

Here are the pictures of the current Aston (28/10/2013):

(The picture above was taken yesterday (27/10/10) I wanted share this one coz I thought it was so cute!! other than the right eye lol looks a little funny hehe)

Ok so that's all about Aston! :D The other special thing is related to my other blog stuff...more specifically The Sims 2 blog! I wanted to all let you know that I would be start a new family!! :D I would be recording this one but non commentary though because this is something that I don't want to use my voice in because of my health currently! So yeah I hope you enjoy this new project!! :D Also I would be updated my Sims 2 blog with this too! :)

Ok well that's all for now everyone! :D I hope that everyone liked today's post I know I did!! :D Take care and think positive xoxox

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