Friday, 4 October 2013

I didn't go instead....

Hey hey people :)

Hope you're all live and well :P I thought I'll update myself again, I ddin't go to my class today as I was not feeling well. I told my teacher to just send me the materials and I can work over them through this week :) In the meantime I ended up watching the tv shows that came out!! :D

I watched The Vampire Diaries :D Really really good :) also watched the Originals that started today which is a spin off from the Vampire Diaries :) and also watched New Girl too! :D I know I know I watch WAY too much! But what can I say that's what happens when you're ill and not working.

Anyways the rest of today I would probably just check out my community stuff and probably play here and there nothing entirely special though :P Also I'm going to watch crafty videos to see if I can enter in any contests for giveaways and things just feel like getting involved in things :P

Anyways that's all for today take care and think positive ;) xoxox

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