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Thursday, 17 October 2013

Oh gosh! It's here! :O

Hey Everyone :D

Ok I know it's been a lot longer then I thought and I know I said that I would update my blog yesterday and I didn't so I can understand why you all might be mad! So before anything I'll just apologise!! I'm really sorry I shouldn't have said I would do something if I couldn't! No excuses!

Ok now I'll talk to you all about the things that happened until today :D Firstly, lets talk about the mock interview that I did on Wednesday (that was on the 9th of October). I have to admit it was a worthwhile thing to do because I felt that I would make some mistakes, and of course it's always good to pratice. I think I would advise anyone who has any sort of interview to make sure to have a practice one even if it is with a friend, family or even practising yourself (by using a mirror, recording and playing back to yourself). It really makes a difference even those who are very confident in interviews, honestly saying I'm very confident when it comes to interviews but I still did it becuase I know it will help and I can learn something that I didn't know. Such as I thought that when I talk I always smile in actuality that's not true! :O I was quite suprised to find that out but I have been working on it so yeah I'll be showing more of my teeth :D

Anyways after the mock interview was over I got a lot out of it I learnt to speak more specifically about the job roles and to make sure to understand the job role completely. To also make sure to have a decent amount of hand gestures and not to go over board (I was actually very good at that part) I was also told that I did really well on my Context, Action and Result (CAR) without even realising! :O This method is a very good tool to use when describing something! You outline the context and then you give the action and the result of it at the end this is an excellent skill to have. At the end of the mock interview I think it was a good outcome.

Ok so the next thing is that I wanted to share this really delicious sandwhich that I made over the weekend. It's fried leftover chicken with green and yellow pepper (for colour of course ^^) and topped off with cheese! :D It's a must try for anyone even if it is just once and for those who are losing weight should just add lots of garlic because garlic cuts down the fat :) (oh how I love garlic but can't have too much of it because I'm actually trying to gain weight) so yeah I just thought I would share this with you all :D 

Ok this colour may look like orange here but it's actually called coral! It's like a nice rose colour that I really love and the reason why I'm showing you all this is because we have just redecorated our room and it's wall colour has been changed!! :D so I really love it! feels a little different though but there are still a lot of things to do in the room (like throwing on a new carpet and rearraging the furniture), so hopefully that would be done soon! :D

Our cooker has finally been fitted!!! :D it looks awesome! and it's great! it's absolutely wonderful!! :D I just love it soo much!! :D and it matches with our counters too! This was done on Sunday 12th October which was nice because the next day I had my interview!! :D

So Monday finally came and that meant so did my interview! :D All I could say that I was totally nervous!! :D I got there a little too early so it gave me a chance to go and pray and then do some practicing! :D Afterwards I when I went in there was not 1 but two people interviewing me! :O I so nervous FYI I am always nervous before an interview, presentation and so on but during the process I calm down and I'm my normal self!

The interview was started off with a simple question and surprised me when they said that they are looking to recruite someone who can manage a new project. Of course I knew that but at that point I felt blank probably because of the way they worded it! Well anyways, I managed to answer the questions but there was a few things that I said I didn't have skills for but after saying so I did mention that I am will to take on any training! :D It's always best to end in a positive note! It leaves the interviewers thinking that you are compentent and have a thrive for gaining new skills! :D 

Anyways I think I am really excited about it and feel I actually have a shot and also they said they will let me know in the next few days either by phone or by e-mail. Anyways I'm still waiting for an answer from them so hopefully it's a good one :D

Oh and lastly I went to Stratford shopping centre to get some coloured graphic pens to help me out with my creative drawing for clothes! Couldn't find exactly what I as looking for so I got the next best thing so I thought I'll show you guys a picture of it:

Also I have just finished the manhwa 100% Perfect Girl it's a really good manhwa and very motivating which is why I can say I feel so pumped! :D With the creative side of course and my academic side as well as my Islamic side too! So hopefully I will be like this longer and make use of it!! :D Anyways that's all for now until tomorrow take care and think positive! xoxox

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