Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Asking for forgiveness for a sin and the consequences that comes with the sin

Hey hey people :)

Ok I know it's seems like a very harsh title for today's post but it's just that something happend today and yesterday that basically made me want to blog about it. Firstly, I'm human so I will make sins too just like anyone else. I did something that I've been trying to get out of because it's forbidden in my religion. I regret doing it, and I've tried to make amends by fixing it at that time which was about a few months ago (by a few I mean 8-9 months) certain things happend then and now I thought I was free from it when I knew that that there is still a link so I've decided just recently (about a few weeks ago) to completely cut it out of my life.

Things were going great, until yesterday. This connection came back because there was another link that I didn't cut off. So now I'm thinking to myself ok I really need to make sure that I make things clear and get this out of my life and so I've linked with this and properly made it clear about it too but now I think this will be a lot harder to get rid of.

I know I'm being very ambiguous about this but I just don't want to make it a big deal but I wanted to say that because of what I did back then it's biting back right now. I regret it in a way because it's upsetting and caused some trouble not just to me. I didn't want to be a bad person and I hoped that I never do become one. I just pray to Allah that things get better and that I am forgiven and that I can move on with my life.

Currently, I feel a lot free and relieved because I've let it out and because I am always honest I will make sure to pray and feel the way peace that I do at the moment all my life inshaAllah :D

Also speaking of praying I've stopped again but I want to make it a habbit again and what better way to go for it then by starting it right now? It's never too late to start and also Allah always welcomes everyone with open arms and always forgives those who are sincere and are willing to change.

So I just wanted to tell you all that I'm actually doing ok right now :) but I will make sure to be a good person and always make sure to stay positive and pray all the time! Take care and think positive xoxox

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