Monday, 4 November 2013

Progression on design...

Hey everyone!! ;)

Ok so like I said yesterday I was going to show a design for one of my clothing! I started working on it just a little while ago however I wasn't able to finish it because there was a lo house work happening and also because I was in a lot of pain however I did make a start and I made a start on it on the book I made. In one of my previous post I said that I would make a beauty book with tips and ideas but I didn't do it because I didn't get the job so I am going to use that book for my design!

By the way I was struggling a lot on drawing because I was finding it hard to draw a basic mannequin but I watched a YouTube video and I was able to come up with something! Anyways I've taken some pictures also the overall brand name is called: Tarana's Arts,Craft and Design (aka Tarana's ACD) I will come up with a design logo for it because it will be everything creative as the name suggests and also separate brand designs for the types of clothes that I make!

Here's some pictures: 
This is the book I created it was used for sketching but I've changed it to to my ACD book :D

This is my attempt at drawing a mannequin! 

I've already made the first design and all it's left is colour also it will just be a sample as I haven't created it in card for yet! :D anyways I hope it's not a total disappointment to you all I will most probably finish the first piece and show it all to you tomorrow!! :D 

Take care and think positive!! :D xoxox

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