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Monday, 4 November 2013

Tarana's ACD Sample design for Cuteness & Sweetness

Hello everyone! :D

Ok so I've finally made the first ever Cuteness & Sweetness Clothing brand line for Tarana's ACD (Tarana's Arts, Craft and Design). Now it's only a sample which is why I didn't complete the dress design on the model. However for my orignal stuff I will definitely make it look more professional and my style.

Anyways I thought that I'll describe the design to you all and how the cards for the collection would look like too! :D As you can see it's just a sample and when I start designing more of the clothing I will work at it and draw it much better than this on the cards! :D


So lets start with this top! :D The top part of it is a dark red net that will cover the nape of the neck (See the mannequin for more). Then comes the ruffle light red shoulder part that wraps around from one shoulder to the other. The sleaves and the rest of the top is attached to the shoulder wrap. The hearts are a light pink colour but there will be no black outline (the black outline only drawn to show the definition of the patterns only). The hearts in the centre are actually buttons centred on the top. The tassels on the end of the sleaves will be a dark red that matches with the dark red netted part of the top.

The skirt will be a light red colour which will be covered with a dark red coloured net on top. The pattern on this is again a light pink (no black outlines will be on them) the tassels will again be dark red to complement the top's tassels as well.

These dark red boots are just below the knee (See model) attached with light pink ribbons and patched hearts on the side. (Ignore the black outline).

Just like the note says!

Ok so that's it for this one! Again I apologise for the delay and I'm sorry for it not being so perfect looking clothes but once I've designed them on my book I will move them onto the cards also I've decided to use colouring pencils so it doesn't require a lot of ink wasting! :D

Anyways thanks for the support everyone and stay tuned for more! take care and think positive xoxox

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