Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Building up ideas and confidence

Hey hey all!! :D

Ok so I know I haven't blogged in some time by the doesn't mean that I have forgotten oh no no no. I actually have been thinking of my stories and it kind of hard to get any writing done at the moment with all the redecorating and stuff (yep sti happening people) but I was able to do some writing today (just a little bit though!). I was really encouraged and motivated after yesterday when I finished reading the manga Fruits Basket! Surprisingly there was a lot of things I didn't expect in the story but it was a very heart warming story overall!! :D I really loved how unexpected some things were and also how sweet it was and being the emotional person that I am I cried several times especially at the sweet ending of the manga it is definitely another recommended one to those who love shoujo manga with review harem in it and with a little twist too!! :D

Anyways other than that I was also thinking of my other story ideas which I really want to work on so I shall start on those soon too. Also I am officially getting JSA because of my health and the fact that I am incapable of working at the moment. Also I was checking my Facebook and I was reading about my PGCE friends and how they have their graduation tomorrow at the O2 which I think is very nice for them. I felt a little sad because I won't be able to be there as I kind of dropped out and I really miss it a lot. However, after I get well (InshaAllah) I will work really hard and make sure to get into it probably after another two years! It's a long term thing but I think it's a good thing though :) I am happy for my friends and I feel proud of them :) I also received a texted from my friend Kirsty who is thinking of getting into PGCE so I hope hat she will also get into it too and I know she will make a great teacher! :D

Well anyways that's all I wanted to say, I had a nice cup of hot chocolate and now I'm snuggled in my bed gonna watch Aikatsu! And then probably watch the TV show The Blacklist!! :D anyways take care and think positive xoxox

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