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Thursday, 21 November 2013

Congratulations to those who graduated yesterday

Hey hey people! :D

I just wanted to congratulate those that have graduated :D I'm so proud of my friends who have finished the postgraduate and undergraduate! :D I'm so proud of them all and even though I didn't go to the graduation ceremony I felt like I was part of the graduation! :D

It was nice seeing the pictures of my postgraduate friends in their gowns and some of my undergraduate friends as well! :D I really felt a little regret not being in my postgraduate gown but even so I feel like I was part of it and hopefully some time in the future I'll be in the gown proudly walking down that stage at the O2.

It reminded me of my graduation at the O2 - yep that's right people mine was at the O2 :D - it was wonderful! :D I loved it so much I had my big sister and my dad there (2 guest minimum and my mum watched it online)  it was a great moment and I felt that I have achieved something so great! :D and it is! I felt satisfyingly content and will never forget the moment - I truely felt blessed! Alhamdulilah! :D

I feel that anyone who is graduating whether it be from primary (elementary in US) school or secondary (High school in US) school or college (I think also part of high school in US) or even university (College in US - I think) is a great acheivement and you should be proud of yourselves. It doesn't end just there, I want to congratulate everyone! Because one way or another you have avhieved something it may be small to you but to someone else it could be the best possible thing ever! So be proud of what you acheived whether it's small or big it's still an achievement! :D

Anyways, I just wanted to share this to you all because I felt that it was important to let everyone know that one way or another everyone has done something, and sometimes people can't even notice their good deed without another person pointing it out. So don't ever feel that no one has ever achieved anything because one way another you have done something good! Even if it's something like a 'Thank you' is counted for as a good deed so be proud of yourself and never belittle yourself! :D

My biggest goal in my life is to work on my Islamic knowledge and be able achieve something great from it such as memorising the Qur'an or even work on meorising little incantations for daily recitations and also to definitely make a habit of praying! :D

Anyways I didn't expect this to become as long as this but there you a little something for you all I hope this helps at least one person! :D Take care and think positive xoxox

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