Tuesday, 5 November 2013

It's finally here!!

Hey everyone!! :D

It's finally come my hospital appointment!!! :D I'm actually a little nervous as well as excited because I can finally find out what is wrong with me. My dad said that he would come but honestly saying I don't want him to because because I don't want him to worry so much. There is still a slight chance that he might not come but if he does then I just have to make my peace with it :)

Anyways, today I was in a lot of pain and I'm really tired which is why I'm going to sleep early (well its early to me) and then I'll probably wake up really early too!! :D so that's all I have to say for today I will let you all know what happens after my hospital appointment tomorrow so yeah I'll speak to you all then. Take care and think positive xoxox

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