Monday, 11 November 2013

Being understanding and a good listener

Hey everyone! :D

Ok so the past few days I've been usual self, I haven't been able to post because I didn't feel like it and also because it wasn't the right time to either. I just felt like I was needed by everyone in my family and even now I am still needed. My family is big so there are a lot of us living in under the same roof it's amazing because we have a lot of laughs and fun time but there are a lot of problems that arises too.

As you all know I'm a very optimistic person, well I try to be, and so I always make sure to be smiling or saying anything positive. That being said I think my family and I mean everyone including my brothers, sisters and my parent need someone that they can just vent out their problems to. Well I am basically that person I am basically their punch bag that they let it all out. Honestly speaking I am fine with it because like I said they need to let out their stress and worries and I understand that :) It's important that an individual can do that. I know what you all are thinking what about me right? Well to be honest I don't have as much of a complain as the rest of my family when I do I do complain to my mum :) but I'm not proud of it. I'm the type of person who doesn't really like and express the negative side of things. Too much negativity and the household would break down.

Anyways, I think the best tip I can give when someone is stressed out is do something that you normally wouldn't! That doesn't mean something so drastic like leaving the country or something like that, but a more smaller change in life. Like doing a course for example, it's easy to get your mind off things if you keep yourself busy and I'm sure for some of you that's a great idea but for other's it made be a 'NOOO way I'm not doing something as dull as that.' It's not dull because the course I'm telling you to do isn't the same course as you would do for qualifications purposes there are many things you can do like creative stuff, practical stuff like sports, cooking. The course doesn't even have to be a long term one it could be a short course for a day or week or something.  I think it works out for any sort of situation too whether it's a work, family or friends sitaution just think about it.

I wouldn't say courses is the only answer sometime it's better to talk. You know, most arguements and misunderstands amongst people are from the lack of communication between each other. I am telling you all from my own perspective and from my experience and from what I learnt too! It's helpful for anyone!

Well anyways, I hope that this has helped any one of you! Take care and think positive as always with love Tarana xoxox

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