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Monday, 5 August 2013

Ramadan Diary Day 27 (Monday 5th August 2013) Monthly Special

Salam everyone!! :D

Ok today was quite eventful I must admit, firstly after my sleepless night I actually did go to sleep however I did right a bit more of my story unfortunately it's not a completed chapter but I will definitely post something before Eid!! :D

Also when I woke up I got ready for the jewellery making workshop!! :D when I arrived it took about 30 mins to actually start the workshop because they couldn't find the supplies, however in the end they did and we made a start. I helped out but because there were a few people I was able to create my own bracelet! I actually made it a little jazzed up because it was for Eid and the result was just what I wanted!! At first I didn't even think of doing it the way I did but I was going with the flow and it came out just the way I wanted it to :) I took a picture of it so you all can have a look at it! A nice monthly special gift for you all to see, again this bracelet is only for Eid day as my outfit is blue I made the bracelet blue!! :D

Here it is:

This was the first result but I wanted a little something more so I added one more head and it ended up like this:

Unique as you can see. When I was going home I saw my dad along the way and he gave me a lift which was good because it started to pour down afterwards. I started talking to him about jewellery making and he was getting happy and even wants me to start my own business, which I planned to do from the start, and now I'll be going to a jewellery making course soon!! I'm really excited about it too!!

Anyway one thing that wash good today was my aches and pains on my body which when I woke up wasn't there but started to become really bad and exhausted when I came back - I felt really tired so I fell asleep just before Iftar - afterwards I was still exhausted!

Just before I started praying I check my iPod and found a message from a friend on my PGCE programme whom I lost contact with which made me really happy to know that they were ok! :D

Anyways that was all for today until next time take care and think positive!! :D xoxox

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