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Sunday, 11 August 2013

Henna design and other creative stuff and update (Saturday 10th August2013)

Hey everyone!! :D

Ok so today I was in a lot of pain but I wasn't doing much! I would've blogged earlier but I was making up a game with my younger brother!

Honestly me and my younger bro can always combine our ideas to make really awesome games!! :D just like me and my youngest sister can combine to make really awesome games and sims houses!! :D

Anyway the game is a card game and its about battle and stuff so I can't wait to make and play this game it's going to be real fun!! :D

At one point during the day I was looking for the henna but somehow I ended up losing it and felt bad a out it because its a brand new henna. However I did put henna on but it was one of the other packets that my mum got and it was those chemically made henna which honestly isn't really good! But I put it on and instantly took it off so my skin doesn't get damaged normally I wouldn't have out it on but thankfully it wasn't so bad, here's he result:

This is the actual henna when I put it on

This is how it looks like when I took it off! :D

Also before I put the henna on me and my youngest sister finally gave out the chocolate cake. It was scrumptious!! Tasted just like a chocolate cake with nuts from the bakery shops!! Here's how it looks like and look at Aston!! He's soo cute:

This was my piece so yummy!! :D

Also a little later that day my older brother came to me with some good news!!! My hard drive finally came and he already out everything inside!! So now I could sort out all my old stuff and add in what I really need to and also finally start using my laptop properly!! :D which means major changes to my blogs and also my writing blog will change too! :D

Speaking of writing I want to apologise to everyone about my chapter not being uploaded I really feel terrible about it so I wanted to let you all know that it will be up definitely in the next couple of days!!

I just got overly excited and took a picture of my hard drive :D

Anyways that's all for today and like always take care and think positive because when you do it really does help in life! It really eases away all the pain and stress people build up!! :D xoxox

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