Sunday, 4 August 2013

Ramadan Diary Day 26 (Sunday 4th August 2013)

Salam to you all :)

Ok so today I woke earlier then I have been these past few days (3pm lol). I felt a little better but my pain hasn't let off yet, I have just been resting most of the day so that when my dad and my sisters go out for Eid shopping I will be able to get my hair done.

By the time they left it was around 5:30ish so I started on my hair straight away. It was my first time doing layers and on myself which is a lot harder but I managed to do it with a lot of struggle! (Being in a lot of pain doesn't really help) but at the end of it I did my hair and I feel refreshed! Like a new look a new life :)

Anyway my hair looks really curly/wavy and frizzy - at first I didn't like it but when my sisters came back they said it actually does look nice and I was kind of happy!! :D now I'm thinking of colouring my hair but I might wait on that one for a bit!! :D

Anyways I feel so accomplished giving thank said I would do my hair and I did!! :D and to top it off it was free - of course it was me who done it - anyways I'm thinking of straightening my hair for Eid but of course I won't show it to outside people which is why I won't be showing my hair of course I will show you all the dress that I would be wearing though for Eid day - honestly saying I wanted a Maxi dress but they couldn't find any nice ones in the stores so I ended up with a churidah (a type of traditional Asian clothing). Which I really loved but I loved the ones my younger two sisters have even more, they look like a princesses so nice :)

Anyways I didn't take a picture of it right now but I will show you all a picture of it tomorrow. Speaking of picture I'm also gonna do my henna tonight but because I'm really tired I'm gonna do it a little later after Sehri basically.

I will show you all how the turns out and also I will show you all the jewellery making turns out as well!! :D I'm planning on making blue bracelets because my Eid clothes is blue afterall.

Anyways that's all for now I'll will speak to you all soon I just need to sleep for a bit take care and think positive. Xoxox

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