Monday, 5 August 2013

A sleepless night with a henna surprise!

Hey everyone!! :D

I just thought I might as well update my blog by posting something...I can't sleep as you can see I'm wide awake I just couldn't sleep for some reason my mum tells me why can't you sleep I said to her I don't know - I'm a very light sleeper I nearly fell asleep and then my mum comes in the room and turns the light on and I'm wide awake!! - it's not her fault so I'm not blaming her at all!! But anyways I thought I'd just show you all my henna pattern that I did it didn't come out too great because it came out way to blochy so I took it off straight away even it did stay on for a bit! :D but I didn't take a picture because its not that noticeable.

Hope you all like it :) I know I can do better :) just thought I'd let you all know I'll be writing my story so hopefully you will all see an updated chapter today!!! :D take care and stay positive xoxox

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