Thursday, 22 August 2013

Happy birthday me! :D and much more :)

Hey everyone! :D

Ok let's start off by first saying that on Saturday 17th August I went to the doctors to see what is wrong it turns out that i might have something I won't say anything now but as its not for definite and I made an appointment for this Friday 23rd August to find out exactly what's wrong. I mentioned it to my family but I think they noticed that I was actually a bit worried but honestly saying I was and I still am but I won't let it trouble my family. I will be finding it out tomorrow anyways so yeah let's just see what happens :)

Also it was my birthday on Tuesday ;) I turned 23 yay me :D but I don't feel old at all, and I know normally people would feel old but honestly saying I don't feel that old at all :) my bday was normal I enjoyed the evening part of it where my family was joking about and laughing it was really nice. 

Also in the morning I went to my uni for the internship thing so my next stage is to find a job of placement and show it to my uni and they will take it from there :)

Today I went to my college where I picked up my science results, I looked at my grades and found that I actually did quite bad on my physics the second time around lol and for my chemistry and biology I got the same grade :) but overall I passed!!!!!! :D I was so happy!! :D now I don't have to worry about it no more!! Next up ICT which I enrolled on Monday starting in September so I'm kind of excited about that :D

Anyways that's the big update for today!! :D take care and think positive as always ;) xoxox

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