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Thursday, 8 August 2013

Eid Mubarak!! :D

Hey everyone!! :D

So today was Eid it was really good. Honestly saying I wasn't really up for it in the morning because of lack of sleep and for some reason I felt really grumpy?! But when I freshened up and put new clothes on I was revived! :D

The day was good we took some family pictures but I think most of us was not feeling to well from all the lack of sleep or just feeling ill. I think I was a little rude at some points with my youngest sister...jus little things started to annoy me...I don't like it when I'm like that because I end up becoming this horrible person that I really am not! Anyways my uncle came from my mums side with his family it was nice :) they didn't stay for long though!!

Then we had the cheesecake!! Looky looky picture!!

Yum or what?!

Afterwards a combination of 3 families with their children from my dads side came but just before then I was tired and exhausted because my body was still in a lot of pain but as soon as they came I automatically managed to switch that pain side off and just think about the hosting and stuff! :D

During then the children were all in one room playing with Aston who I felt really sorry for because he was so scared and petrified...all the adults were in the living room except for one of my aunt who was in kitchen with me, mum and my big sister!! :D 

It was nice everyone enjoyed it although my dad wasn't making it that fun though...anyway I think overall it was a good day, although when the guests left all the pain in my body that I managed to numb came rushing in and really brought me down!

Now I'm on my bed relaxing and going to fall asleep as I only got 4 hours among sleep and my head is kind of hurting!!

Just a quick thing I wanna tell you all something about myself:

If I'm in a lot of pain or stress out about something I tend to forget it for the if I'm needed for something but then when I'm done with it my body automatically realises and just kind of releases all that pain...

Anyways I think I really enjoyed it today and of course Eid technically lasts for about 3 days so I guess we still have Eid tomorrow!!

Oh and after when the guest left I was playing with my siblings the game called Game of Life, here's a picture of it and a glimpse of my Eid clothes:

It was nice playing it after a long time :) 

Anyways it was nice!! Talk to you all tomorrow hopefully take care and think positive xoxox EID MUBARAK!!!!!! :D

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