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Friday, 2 August 2013

Ramadan Diary Day 24 (Friday 2nd August 2013)

Salam everyone!! :D

Ok well today I went to the doctors and the appointment the receptionist gave was at 6:48pm! :O I asked her for an earlier one and she said that she doesn't have it because one of the doctors is sick. I thought to myself well it's better than nothing so when I went home I was watching my anime on my bed and then I fell asleep!! When I woke up it was about 5ish or so and then I remembered that I recorded some of my painting programmes on tv so I watched them. It's called the The Joy of Painting by Bob Ross who is one the most optimistic person and one thing he said stuck to me which is: People don't make mistakes but happy accidents :D now that's optimistic :)

I love watching his programme because its kind of soothing and comfortable to listen and watch it. I love watching the show its very nice and artistic :) it's very motivational and interesting and I would recommend anyone who is into artistic work!! :D

Anyway later when I went to the doctors I found out that the reason why I am having these aches and pains is because I have a virus which had been piling up for the past few weeks and had burst the cold into my whole body rather than me having a cold, I will definitely get myself a blood test and find out if there was anything serious and also of there really is nothing to worry about so I'm gonna need to go to the hospital to take the test which I plan to do in the next week also I'm thinking of changing my look in terms of my hair so I start a new life kind of thing :)

Anyways that's all for now until tomorrow take care and think positive :D xoxox 

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