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Thursday, 1 August 2013

Ramadan Diary Day 23 (Thursday 1st August 2013)

Hello everyone! :D

I hope you are all well as I'm not too well, you all the pain I felt on my body? Well it was so bad that I wasn't able to sleep properly and had an hour sleep before Sehri and then fell asleep around 2:50ish and guess what I woke up at nearly 8! :O my body felt stiff and still in a lot of pain! I'm thinking if this continues tomorrow then I'll be going to the doctors tomorrow!! :D

During the time I was awake I was watching an Anime (a Japanese cartoon) called Amnesia it was one of the best anime I saw, it was about a girl who kind of gets into an accident but each time she has the accident she ends up in a different world to the original and has some confusing memories and she ends up dating a different person in each world but then has an accident again and ends up again in a different world and the same date coincidentally it's on the 1 August!! :O how crazy is that?! It was soo cool!! In the end she was with one of the guy who actually appeared in most of the other worlds and turned to be her original lover. He explains that she is supposed to die on August 1 but he couldn't handle it and wished for her to be safe and alive in another world - which does happen!! there was more to it but I think I won't mention it just to not give out the surprise for those of you who will be watching it (which I recommend to do :) )

Anyway after I finished watching it I kinda wanted to experience it myself so when I fell asleep I had a dream that I was in the position of the girl :) it was crazy! I was going through the world and there was different guys there and I didn't have my memories but I knew somehow that I was experiencing it myself! But that's all kind of what I remembered soo crazy!! :O

I must admit it probably is because its the first of August - speaking of August my birthday is coming up this month!! :D

Anyways that was all for a wasted day like today take care and think positive :) I'll speak to you all next week! :D xoxox

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