Friday, 9 August 2013

Good morning :D

Good morning all :D

Alright so I woke up after having a nice 5 hour sleep :D but still in a lot of pain :) it's still a little dark out and I went over to the living room to watch the joy of painting series the I have recorded and then the lights to out?! :O so I changed the light bulb and now relaxing and watching some tv. Having gone to sleep at just past 11 and then waking up around just past 4 without any distributions is the best!

I think I'm also gonna show you all my little Aston who actually woke me up then by making a lot of noise with his snack in the room. :D

Doesn't he look all grown up? Anyway I'm kind of hungry now so I think I'm gonna have some roti made from rice flour!! Yummy my face!! Of course you can have it with curry but I like mine just plain!! :D

Anyway lets see what adventures I get up to today on Did :D oh yeah! Speaking of Eid our neighbour was nice enough to make a handmade Eid card!! So sweet of them :D xoxox

Anyways take care and think positive xoxox :D 

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