Saturday, 3 August 2013

Ramadan Diary Day 25 (Saturday 3rd August 2013)

Salam to you all :)

How are you all?? Honestly saying I'm actually not really well so unfortunately I'm going to make this post very short :(

I just feel that this month is to way to fast!! :D I mean its already the 3rd!! :O now that's too fast!! Maybe it's me who feels this way I don't know by honestly I think Ramadan went really fast.

Anyway nothing to report today other than trying to recover :) I don't know if I ever mentioned this but for me to fall ill during Ramadan is no surprise as it always happens and like I said before a struggle is always challenging but overcoming this struggle is always an accomplishment far better than not putting no effort what so ever :P

Anywho I'm gonna rap this one up sorry for not making it a long one but maybe next time InshaAllah :) I will try and make it long :) take care and think positive xoxox

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