Thursday, 3 July 2014

All about me

Hey Everyone! :D

So this page would be dedicated to everything you all need to know about me from education, work, family to my interests, hobbies, habbits and so on! :D

Firstly, I would like to say I'm a Muslim and I take my religion seriously. I'm not an extremist I just implement many of the Islamic rulings and I would share them with you throughout.

So lets start off with my family shall we:

Firstly I have a big family Alhamdulilah :D there are 7 of us all together and including my parents that's 9 of us! My family are pretty low key and don't like to be so opened except for me though I'm pretty ok with it but I would respect their privacy. Well anyways my siblings and I are really close and we have ups and downs - like any other family - but majority of the time we always get along :)

One of the cool things about my family is our distinct personalitis, we have many things in common but we also have complimenting and conflicting personalities! I'm the optimist amongst them all though. Another cool thing is that my siblings order of birth goes in girl, boy, girl...First my older sister, older brother, me, younger brother, younger sister, youngest brother and finally youngest sister!

So that's all about my family! So whenever you hear me mention a brother or a sister pay attention to which one because I'll mention it by either saying young brother or youngest brother. So anyways I hoped you all are able to know a little more about my family.

Moving on from family lets go onto education:

When I was really young I was in a primary school where I don't remember much but only the fact that I had a best friend and we used to play together. But then my family and I moved and now we're living in the house that we're currently living in. When I moved here I didn't get to go to school straight away until after 2-3 weeks because there was no space available. Then I started in year 3 where I was pretty nervous and shy and met a lot different people. I remember one specific thing where during break time I was like followed around by my class girls because I was the new girl so everyone was curious about me. Honestly saying it was like the popular aspect of my primary life I felt pretty appreciated, I thought, and felt that I had people who were interested in me even if I was the new girl. Afterewards the crowd drifted to their own groups and so did I, which honestly made me a little sad but happy that I have a lot of good friends in my class.

So I spent 3 years in that primary school, afterwards I went to secondary school where I was with my friends from primary and that's when you can really see whose your friend and who isn't. In year 9  we had to pick options for GCSE which we'll study for two years in year 10 and 11 along side other compulsary subjects. I chose Textiles, Ristant Materials (RM - Woodworking) and Bengali. I know what you guys are thinking RM? Seriously? Well I only chose it because I thought it was about making things (which it was and it was nice). Textiles was something that I really enjoyed as I'd liked to be designing clothes too and I only chose Bengali because my dad wanted me to and also because at the time we were doing a lot of studying at home on Bengali so yeah. At the end of it all I did pass both Textiles and Bengali and well not so much in RM (hahaha! I'm sure you can guess that I didn't pass). My other compulsary subjects weren't so good (as you can tell I wasn't such a smart person).

After secondary rolled on to college where I studied an extra year (making it 3 years when usually people study two years). I studied in my first year a childcare course which I enjoyed and must admit did really well in it too. I finished my work ahead of everyone else and working on topics that haven't been covered. After that I did 2 years in Health Studies so I learnt a lot about health and safety, policies and many other health related topics.

Then I went onto studying University for 3 years. This is where I took up a degree in Early Childhoos Studies. It was a good subject, I enjoyed it a lot I had a lot of interesting subjects and the lectures were intriguing I really loved it a lot. I did quite well in it too so I was really impressed with the outcome. I really enjoyed the study of children in different ways and perspectives and also how to care for them too. It's a lot of work and assignments and exams but I think it was a wonderful experience to gain.

I then went onto doing further education which entailed my PGCE Primary. This was a post-graduate degree including teacher training and a process to becoming a teacher. This I have to say was where my most effort was tested. It required me to multitask so many things at once and still have the energy to carry out daily teaching tasks. I loved teaching the children and learning in the process as well. However I wasn't able to handle the preassure for long and I had to withdraw from it after being in the programme more than half way through. I think I just went into it a little to fast and wasn't fully ready for it.

Hobbies and Interests:

My hobbies and interest include many things and it's very wide range and includes as follows:
~ Reading ~Writing ~ Drawing ~ Painting
~ Crafting ~ Playing games ~ Exploring new things ~ Watching tv shows
~ Meeting new people ~ Watching anime ~ Reading manga

Well that's all I could think of with what I like to do if I think of more I'll add more to it.

Oh emplyment:
Honestly saying I haven't really worked, I have done many volunteering work from hospitals, to admin to of course working with children. But I never really worked, finding a job is always hard and I was no exception do this predicament. I would love to work I enjoy that aspect of life and I hope that I could be able to one day in the future (when I'm well enough).

Well that's all about me I hope you were able to learn a little bit more about me :)

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