Saturday, 19 July 2014

Ramadan Diary Day 21 (Saturday 19th July 2014)

Hey everyone! :D

So today I didn't do anything other than reading that book I told you about. It's funny, intense and unpredictable and I really love it a lot! :D

I think tomorrow I will finish off the rest of my Qur'an reading as I feel like I want to read it :) it feels weird not to. Today for Iftar we ate grill food which was A-maze-ing!!! :D Alhamdulilah today's meal was simply magnificent and I felt grateful for eating. My youngest brother, however, had a BBQ with his friends for Iftar which was nice.

I think it will wonderful to have a family BBQ just my family because I know there will be jokes and great talks all the way. I think I rubbed off little of my positive thinking to my family because they all start thinking a little more optimistically.

Anyways that's all for today take care everyone and think positive as always Tarana A beaming star shining with positivity for the world to embrace xoxox

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