Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Ramadan Diary Day 24 (Tuesday 22nd July 2014)

Hey Everyone! :D

So as I said on my previous post that I will update again and I am :D This time I'm doing it a little earlier because I don't want to forget or make a commitment so late and never keep it.

So lets get to it shall we? Firstly, I'm really happy that I woke up early - it's a good sign, meaning that I'll be able to fall asleep early (In Sha Allah) and wake up early again and hopefully keep up with that pattern until it's second nature to me. Secondly, I have been eating however not as much because I just don't feel like eating anything, especially when I'm surrounded by people that are fasting it's not right to be eating in front of them (and I don't) so I tend to not eat as much. Although, the sweet thing is my youngest sister or my mum would say to me to eat because I'm not well enough to be fasting so I should be eating more. That really puts a smile on my face, to think that they actually worry about me, I mean I know they do in general of course they're my family so they would, but for them to voice it it's really nice of them to because it helps encourage me to eat more. So thank you for that! :D

Now my day in general was ok, I was watching Shahruhk Khan's life inside and outside of the stardom world and it's really interesting. I like watching these things it places a lot of thoughts in one's mind when you watch another and especially when you can relate to their daily life even just by a little. You start to think that they are in fact human, and are only playing a certain role in a movie or show. It has a good perspective to in my opinion.

Also I thought of writing, and I know I mentioned previously that I would make a start on it, but I still haven't. I think it's because I'm so absorbed into the stories I'm currently reading that I just can't help myself to continue on. But, if and when I wake up early (In Sha Allah) tomorrow I shall be mostly focusing on that and a little less on reading (I will still be reading!).

Well that's it for today I think it was quite a long entry, so I hope you enjoyed reading it (It's also why I categorised it under general too). I would like to hear your Ramadan day or you day in general so don't hesitate and drop in a comment or feel free to say hi because I most probably will reply! :D

Take care and think positive Tarana A beaming star shining with positivity for the world to embrace xoxox

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