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Monday, 29 July 2013

Update!! :D

Hello Everyone!! ::D

Great news!! My lapop actually arrived at my uni over a week ago but silly me my number wasn't typed correctly so I didn't get the text to pick it up!! However I'm going to go tomorrow to pick it up!!! :D Soo there's gonna be a lot of changes happening to my blog as well as news that I would like to share :P

My blogs would be changing drastically! Not so much on this one as it will be on my other blogs!!

Anyways I'm excited and thought I'd share it with you all! :D

Also I noticed that this blog has become very popular and that there a lot of people viewing my page from around the world!! :D So I would like to thank you all for viewing my page and keep supporting me!! :D

Lastly I woke up hearing my mum saying that it's going to be Eid NEXT WEEK!!!! :D I was so excited that I'm looking forward to it and hopefully by then I shall be able to make a refresh of my Expressive writing blog and my Sims 2 blog!! :D Of course I'll be doing something very special for Eid for you all too!! :D

Anyways That's all for now I'm going to write an update post on the other blogs so I'll post again later today for the Ramadan Diary!! :D I just had to post this right away! Take care and think positive xoxox

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