Saturday, 27 July 2013

Ramadan Diary Day 18 (Saturday 27th July 2013) Launch party!! :D & update & monthly special

Hey hey my lovelies :) 

Well as you know it was another Ramadan day with a special event - yep that's right it the launch party for the Serene Goddess Salon :)

So lets start it shall we? Firstly, when I arrived there my boss her name is Keisha by the way :) (I'll just call her that from now on) was sitting by at the sofa blowing balloons - heart balloons at that :P very nice :) I volunteered to help her out and she said for me to get some more glasses and to buy some balloons nearby she gave me some money and I went and dopey me I forgot what shop she said so I just winged it lol! Ended up being the only supermarket there so I thought yep it's gotta be it lol and found the helium balloons that they added in as soon as I got them I bought 3 so when I was carrying them back to the shop there were a lot of people staring at me - boy did I attract a lot of attention :P all was good :D

So when I arrived back to the shop I put the balloons down and then started to help out. Then Keisha went to pick up someone (I won't say who because of confidentiality reasons) that she knew and I played with the children that came.

After a while there weren't any new people just Keisha's aunt who for a manicure :) and I get to see it too so I started thinking I really wanna learn this stuff honestly saying I can pretty much pick it up by just observing :)

So later on I spoke to Keisha about my role in the shop and told her I wanna undergo some training for beauty stuff and she said yes!! :D I love her so much for being so laid back!!! :D she's even respectful of my religion and told me that I can do things that are allowed and don't have to do things the aren't :D I was overjoyed!! :D and I'll be getting my own uniform for it too!! :D I'm soo happy :) and for now ill be doing Wednesday and Thursday for training and when she gets her license we will be able to start up on the treatments!! :D I'm soo excited!!

I forgot to mention I told Keisha if I could take a few pictures and upload it to my blog and she said that she's cool with it so I will!! :D you'll get to see where I'll be working soon!!  :D this is another monthly special!! :D

Also I had this idea of having a beauty diary where I'm gonna record all my thoughts as well as what I learned about beauty treatments and such and maybe some ideas for my own self!! :D

I'm SOOO excited for this Wednesday because where gonna start off with manicures!!! :D

Anyways when I came home everything was normal I felt a little hungry though!! But it was good :) oh and tomorrow's Iftar will be hectic because where have to all help make a lot of food because we are going to give it to our local mosque :) which I find is special and is a very good deed indeed :)

Also one last thing I think I might start writing up my story too as I'm having a lot of creative juice flow coming!!! :D Anyway that's all for today until tomorrow take care and think positive xoxox :D 

Here's the pictures from when I first went to the salon and the. Ill out some of today's up as well :)

And here are pictures from today :)

See helium balloon :D xoxox

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