Sunday, 21 July 2013

Ramadan Diary Day 11 (Saturday 20th July 2013)

Hello hello :D

Ok so today is a late post only because I kind of forgot and I'm not really feeling...most of the day went by me sleeping and I mean SLEEPING I have slept for 12 hours :O that is too much sleep even for me and now I'm still really tired because your body isn't used to that amount of sleep.

Anyway when I did wake up I did some employment stuff and then I helped for Iftar and unfortunately I didn't pray all my prayers today as I felt lazy and ill - still no excuse! I feel so bad about it and honestly saying my health was SOOO much better when I was praying then when I don't. Oh the blessing of praying!! :D 

Anyways Iftar was good and quiet (well I was quiet) there was a lot of complain...again I believe it is because of the fasting but other things could impact on it.

About my employment dad didn't really seemed that happy with my job that I found as he's more keen on me getting a graduate intern job..honestly saying I felt like that too but I was ecstatic for getting a job in the first place so right now I'm actually quite happy about the job but sad a little because I can tell my dad isn't that find of it. Oh well...I guess it's one of those things where I'll just work on I mean honestly saying if I can get a job as a TA I will be happy so Ill be waiting for then :D

Anyway that's all for today I know it's not much but let's just say I will be in a better position after about two weeks :) anyways take care and think positive ;) xoxox

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