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Monday, 15 July 2013

Ramadan Diary Day 2 (Thursday 11th July 2013)

Hello everyone! ;)

Ok so this was the second day of Ramadan and honestly saying I felt hungry. Firstly, during Sehri time I prepared the food again around 2:10ish so everyone can come and eat, of course I didn't go sleep and then wake up for Sehri because there wouldn't be any point in doing so.

Anyways after Sehri, I prayed and then went to sleep, this time around I felt hungry and felt the day being long but I made sure to keep myself busy which is why I was working on my other blog (note the mega post update) which was dragging by the day.

However other than that I did call up my uni and asked them if I can have an appointment with a careers guidance councilor on Monday and they gave me an appointment for Thursday 11th July (Today) so I went in and I spoke to her about by situation in terms of employment. I did mention that I applied for the graduate internship - For those who don't know, it's scheme for graduates who are unemployed to support them looking for a job through internship vacancies and you get to do paid training and most likely end up with a job in that sector. I told her that I applied to it on Monday (or Tuesday I think) and told her that I am still waiting to hear back from them.

At the end of this meeting she told me that she will speak to her colleague who is in charge of the graduate interns and recommend me!! :D What a booster to getting a chance at the internship. I really thought that was nice of her and she told me that I made a positive impression on her especially if I can get past the application process and I'm able to get an interview. She really boosted my confidence! So now I'm hoping that I get accepted onto the internship scheme! :D

Anyways after I came back I was pretty relaxed as most of the I was pretty tired but happy!! At home there wasn't much for me to do in terms of helping out so I starting to read the Qur'an - my target is to finish the whole thing in Ramadan!! I hope I do though because I really want to.

Time flew by and then it came to Iftar and I must admit this was the most satisfying and fulfilling meal I ever had. It was all thanks to my younger sister who carefully made the whole meal and it turned out fantastic! MashaAllah!! :D We all took pictures of it too so don't worry I will share it with you:

So filling and I ate the whole thing and my mum's half burger because she didn't want it and my little bro wanted half so I gave it to him and had the other half. However I didn't have one thing from this big meal and it was just 1 kebab.

Normally during Ramadan it's not a must to have a feast like this, but occasionally it's nice to eat something like this, so it was really nice :)

Anyways that was pretty much the end of that day :D Take care and think positive :D xoxox

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