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Thursday, 18 July 2013

Ramadan diary day 8 (Wednesday 17th July 2013)

Hello everyone!! :D

It's day 8 of Ramadan and that means day 8 in my Ramadan diary :) today was pretty normal except for when it was around 4-5ish where I started feeling really REALLY tired!! But I didn't go to sleep instead I started reading - oh I just realised I haven't mentioned which book I'm reading it's The Great Gatsby I actually wanted to read it way before the movie came out but just didn't get the chance to. So anyways when I did get a chance to read it and I'm still reading it now - the book is great!! It's got that very classic feel to it I really like it a lot. Anyway I think I would recommend this book to a lot of you who are interested in the classic romance with a hint of twists and turns in it :) very great read :D

So back to y Ramadan story I was actually pretty hungry and started to feel angry later on which doesn't help but I didn't blow off any steam because I controlled my anger instead and afterwards I was in pain on my foot for some reason and its still continuing even now. I have no idea what's going on and because of it I had to cut my prayer short! :( I felt so bad and just now I spoke to my big sis about it and she said that I would have to book an appointment with the doctor!! Which I would have to do tomorrow's really hard getting an appointment in my doctors for some reason - it just makes me feel I would need to struggle and strive for everything :)

Anyways I think tonight would be the first night that I would not be preparing the Sehri because of my foot. Oh well I guess I would have to see what the doctor would say when I see them...well that's if they give me an appointment.

Anyways that's all there is to it oh by the way the reason why it is in italic is because I updated the blogger app on my iPod and and this is the new feature :) so cool. Oh and there's no news on my new laptop so far guys not much I can do but just wait patiently maybe for a day or three!! 

Anywho take care and think positive xoxox

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