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Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Ramadan Diary Day 13 (Monday 22nd July 2013)

Salam everyone :D

Today was an ok day not a lot happened other than me going to the doctors with my mum she just needed to get he medication that's all.

Anyways it was ok I felt a little hurt at Iftar today because my big brother was kind of insulting me and humiliating me in front of everyone else and I really did not like it at all - I was upset by it so now I'm giving my bro the silent treatment lets see how long it will take before he cracks :P it's not revenge if that's what you're's just that I want him to learn that doing something like this is not right still...

Well because if that my mood was pretty sad the rest of the evening but I didn't let it get to me by taking it out on the others other than my mum a little because she actually joined in with the humiliation but I'm ok with her now :)

Anyways I always apologise to my mum when I do something that is not right to her because I don't like getting angry it really makes me hurt...

Anyways lets bring in some positive vibes...I think my employment job is actually going to turn out to be a training for two weeks just to see if I can cope with it all in a way I'm actually really happy because imagine being paid not doing the job you're hired for properly right? 

The job is so flexible as well I'm actually pretty happy!! :D So lets just say that I'm really looking forward to it :)

Anyways that's all until tomorrow take care and think positive :) xoxox

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