Saturday, 20 July 2013

Ramadan Diary Day 10 (Friday 19th July 2013)

Hey hey people :D

Ok so today was a very fun or should I say a more cheerful day for me. It's not because something good happened to me oh no no no, it's just me in a very good mood that's all :D

I had to wake up pretty early because I had to go to the training session based at canary warf :) it was all about interviews and the do's and the don'ts of it :) I think it was actually very useful and gave me the idea of making a little tips about it to get into employment :) so ill definitely do that :)

Anyway, when I came back I prayed and read the Qur'an for a bit and I realised I am way behind too! :O so I need to buck up and get a move on with it I would most probably have to spend more time with reading then anything else during the day :)

Anyways I didn't read for long because the delivery for the drawers in my brothers room came so I thought I might as well pack up as I was upstairs on that floor. So I packed up and just read some more mangas on my iPod :)

While I was reading the Qur'an I realised that I needed to sort some employment stuff out so I had to make a call it went well but I didn't check my email so I probably would have to do that tomorrow.

Anyways I made some salad and some other things for Iftaar and then Iftar came and I was feeling really hungry feeling that it will be taking so long but finally it came and then afterwards I was talking to my brothers and sisters and my big sister made some pudding that didn't look like pudding more like mousse but a bit more in the form of jelly. I actually liked how it tasted but just not the texture of it but I did finish it because my big bro was teasing me as usual...that's what big brothers are known for right??

Speaking of big brother I really think my brother doesn't like me much I mean he always teases me and belittles me in front of my other siblings which makes me feel like he doesn't like me - honestly saying I don't think it bothers me because all I would do is just laugh and say to him that you had to criticise me all the time and he would just say the same thing as 'coz you make no sense' and I just smile thinking he always has to make a point about it.

Anyways brothers will be brothers I guess I really don't take it seriously because he has done that sort of thing since I was young - oh well. I'm not going to impress anyone because that's not me I'm only here to tell my story and impress only my lord and of course my parents in this life :) Optimistic or what lol :D

Anyway that was pretty much all that happened today! At the end of it all I still feel great and optimistic :) until tomorrow take care and think positive ;) xoxox

Oh I forgot to mention this is Astons first Ramadan with us - he's been happy and excited but ill's a few pictures of Aston recently :) also a picture of the salad that I made :D

These were taken a few days ago where my youngest sister out him on her bed and properly tucked him in soo cute right? Xx

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