Monday, 15 July 2013

Ramadan Diary Day 3 (Friday 12th July 2013)

Hello Hello :D

Day 3 was quite interesting, I have been praying the special prayer at night before the Fajr prayer and honestly saying it's such a miracle! Before I got into detail I'll tell you how Sehri was, firstly I didn't eat because I was soooo stuffed from Iftar that I wasn't able to eat...not a good idea hence why I said in my last post that you don't really eat like that only occasionally. Anyways, because of the stuffing I paid for it by not eating during Sehri! :O That was not good because during the day I was really REALLY hungry! :O

Anyways the miracle I was talking about kicks in right now....I was helping in the kitchen when my younger sister brings my phone...ringing I pick and guess who it was?! It was the lady I was trying to get a hold of from the Summer fete!! How crazy cool is that?! :D She called me telling me that she was busy which is why everytime I called it was unavailable. So then she told me to come in on Monday at 1pm so we can talk!! :D I'm soo happy although I'm trying not to get my hopes up because as usual I have the worst fate when it comes to finding employment.

So yeah I've just been thinking about that the whole day (even though I know I said I wouldn't get my hopes up...but you know it's something to think about right?) Anyways I went on my e-mail and guess what?! I got accepted onto the graduate Internship!!!!!!! :D This is great now all I have to do is send them my CV and they would match it with the right internship vacancy and then I would get a paid training!!! :D But again I don't want to get my hopes up so I'm leaving it for now.

I actually found out about the acceptance because I applied for JSA and I needed to check my e-mails so yeah that's how I've out about it!! Woohoo!! :D But I hope the JSA goes well too as I had a little incident with it previously.

Anyways during Iftar I stuffed myself but moderately of course (I learnt my lesson from the day before don't worry lol) it was a nice simple meal and I really enjoyed it. One thing I like about Ramadan is that the whole family gets together and enjoys each others' company - So nice! :D

Ok well that's it for now until the next day everyone!! :D Take care and think positive :D xoxox

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