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Monday, 15 July 2013

Ramadan Diary - Day 1 (Wednesday 10th July 2013)

Hello everyone! :D

Like I said to you all I would make a special Ramadan Diary everyday but because there was too many things happening and I didn't write a daily post however I won't make he same mistake with this post. So lets get started with this before I delay it any longer :P

What is Ramadan?
Ok so as you know during the moth of Ramadan Muslims fast for the whole day eating before dawn and breaking their fast during the sunset. It is done to help become less greedy and build good characteristics. It's also to support those in need by paying your zakat (a certain amount of money spent on charity). It helps Muslims to understand the sufferings of the poor and how to survive.

Also during this blessed month Muslims become awarded with good deeds two folds then in any other month. During the fast Muslims are not to drink or eat anything for the rest of the day until sunset and to pray to their Lord and recite the Qur'an. This will help them in this life and the afterlife.

Ok so now that we got the basics out of the way let just say how my day went. Firstly it's the first day of Ramadan so it's bound to be difficult but every individual struggles one way or another right? Honestly I felt that my day was actually pretty ok with a little struggle here and there. Honestly saying I think it went really fast, only because of the things I helped out with such as the cooking and preparation of Iftar (The name given to when we break our fast). I also helped out with the preparation of Sehri (the name given to when we eat before the sun rises), I would just reheat everything and then put the plates down and wake everyone up for Sehri. Which is very nice because we all eat together and share a few stories and comments here and there.

Anyways in the we pray our Isha Salah (the name of the last Salah (prayer) of the day) and do 20 Rakat (each Rakah is the completion of standing up in the Salah prostrating and standing up again) So you can imagine how long it but its a blessing to be able to do all of it as you are always rewarded one way or another.

Anyways that marks the end of the first day of Ramadan and this post on Ramadan Diary I shall post the rest of the days next :) Salam for now and take care and be positive xoxox

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