Friday, 19 July 2013

Ramadan diary day 9 (Thursday 18th July 2013) - It's all about the potatoes! :)

Hello everyone ;)

Today was a very fast day for me only because I was sleeping half of the day because of my leg...well it's not that it was hurting me when I was sleeping just that I was really tired.

Anyway during the day I was helping my mum with pealing the potatoes and these potatoes are the most cutest and adorablest thing I have ever seen!! I just had to take a picture of it!!  :D

Don't they look just adorable? :D bearing in mind that I was fasting so I decided to keep some for myself so I can have it after Iftaar!! :D

This is the result of what I made:

It's mashed potatoes with cheese - soo yummy!! :D I just finished having it!! :) oh by the way tomorrow I am heading towards Canary Warf for training session!! I'll take lots of pictures of the scenery :)

Well that's all for today until tomorrow see you all :D take care and stay positive :) xoxox

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