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Monday, 15 July 2013

Ramadan diary day 6 (Monday 15th July 2013)

Hello everyone! :D

I have just finished my Salah and it's pnow 11:30pm since my last post to now a few things happened. Some in pleasant things...during the month of Ramadan I know it's hard to stay positive and kind and I also know that people will lash out at times today I had a little fight with my younger was so petty but things that needs to be said...she went a little rude which made me annoyed and then I told her not to be rude but she was still being a little rude and argumentative too which I wasn't to fond of. Afterwards I thought maybe its because of it being Ramadan and fasting time it made her annoyed so I didn't say anything afterwards but I thought to myself if you think it's because of fasting then you should come to apologise first right? But she didn't. So instigated it but making small talks...but she's stubborn a little so I think I'll leave her until she's ready to talk.

There's one thing you should know about me and its that I don't like it when I'm in a fight with someone because it's always in my head and it never comes out until its resolved. Probably the same for others but it really bothers me a lot. I don't wanted to be hated by people that's all :)

Anyways because of that distraction I finished my Salah with struggle because t kept popping in my head as with the meeting/interview tomorrow!!! That went fast I must admit!!

Overall I feel a little upset with my younger sister but everything else I'm happy with especially since its the month of Ramadan I don't want trouble at all so I'm just gonna leave it until she starts to talk with me.

Anyways wish me good fortune for tomorrow!!! :D really hope I get it :) if not I'm also happy because I still have my internship :) hehehe ;)

Well then until tomorrow take care and think positive thoughts always :P xoxox

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