Monday, 15 July 2013

Good Morning all :)

Morning everyone! :D

Ok so I woke up really early today for the meeting, at first I woke up at 9:30ish and then realised I could sleep in. So I did. But then I woke up about 10mins till 11 and just freshened up. I didn't do anything much I played a little with Aston and that's about it. Other than that I went back to my room to get changed when phone received a text and of course it was from the lady I was supposed to meet today saying that something's come up and she has to rearrange the date.

I thought that was it I don't think I would ever get a job because I become to hopeful and then I thought...well honestly she did say to rearrange so lets make it early then usual shall we? So I decided it for tomorrow at 12 and it's set!! I'll meet her up tomorrow at 12 and we'll go over everything then :D I hopeful and excited but not too much as the result always becomes like what just happened.

Anyways I plan to read the Qur'an in a bit for a couple of hours and then I'll probably take a nap and then after Iftaar and my last prayer I would do my Ramadan Diary entry for today!! :D

I was just about to say bye when my phone just rang and guess where it's from? The Internship programme!!! :D I'm telling you this is a sign from Allah telling me to move forward with this...I think I would too as the prospects sounds very good. First I'll speak to my dad about it and then I'll go from there. Anyways I'll speak to you all in a bit.

Take care a stay positive xoxox

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