Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Ramadan Diary Day 21 (Tuesday 30th July 2013)

Hey hey everyone!  :)

Sorry for the late post I actually kind of forgot lol but don't worry I'm back people :) Ok so as you know I picked up my laptop today but not only that I also had to go out three times today in total!! :O that was a lot of walking and thanks to that my legs are in a lot of pain so yeah and also I was extra hungry and I am like super tired! So I won't be making Sehri tonight instead I'll eat early and go to bed :)

I've sorted out my laptop Internet the next stage would be to put be data from my old hard drive into it and sort that all out until I can make a fresh start and then I'll be back on point that shouldn't take more than two day max.

Anyways I'm kind of excited about tomorrow :) I'm going to be having first day of training tomorrow! :D I'm really looking forward to it!! :D

Anyway that is all for today take care and think positive xoxox

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