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Monday, 15 July 2013

Ramadan Diary Day 5 (Sunday 14th July 2013)

Hey hi lo! :D

I am finally updated!!! I am now on schedule with my blog and would definitely be blogging regularly again!!! :D So today was an interesting day! I woke up from a text from JSA saying my interview is on Wednesday! :O Made me really nervous...from that I woke up...I freshened up a bit and then I prayed and sat down and read the Qur'an for 3 and half hours!! I got a lot done!! :D I am taking the advantage of not being employed so I thought I might as well make full use of it and set myself a really good target!! :D

After that I read a little bit of manga (still so crazy about it but not addicted anymore lol) and it made me laugh. I also searched up the place I need to be for tomorrow and I was pretty surprised that it was in the nice ends of London! :D I'm happy...from that I started to fantasize about working in a place that looked so nice and fancy of course it was just a fantasy and nothing more :P

I made a note of it and later on after Iftar I showed it to my dad and told him of the possibility of a job but it may not be one. After a while a calls me and says to me not to belittle myself of I don't get the job as long as I'm trying and that he knows that I am and because of that I shouldn't belittle myself for not finding a job. I felt that he was being very understanding and made me appreciate myself...of course I wasn't belittling meself at all here :)

Anyways overall it was a great fasting day today - even though today was just as hot as yesterday - also I am pretty excited about tomorrow! Really nervous that it's finally here!! :D

Ok now that I'm up to date I just finished writing this post on 1:34am and would write the next Ramadan entry after my last Prayer of tomorrow of course I will update you all of the news on my interview tomorrow!! Wish me good fortune!! :D

Take care and think positive :D xoxox

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