Thursday, 25 July 2013

Ramadan Diary Day 15 (24th July 2013)

Salamualaikum warahmatulahi wabarakatu (this mean peace be with you) :D

Ok today was kind of scary and a miracle in a way too. Firstly, I woke up at around 12:30ish because I've been getting a lot of phone calls so I woke up and I went on my iPod (still no laptop people :( ) but I wanted to sort out my delivery as they said there was something wrong with the numbers or something. Well anyway I wanted to do it but my dad was around and I didn't want to be asked like 21 questions so I left it for now until the big news happened which was kind of scary.

Basically the neighbour next door is a rented house and different people live there. Suddenly I can hear from the walls (it's so thin you can hear a lot) somebody tumbling down the stairs groaning with a few other people making some more noises the guy was chased all the way outside the garden and was yelling for someone to call the police!! :O This is the kind of things you see in the movies but in this case it was right next door!!

My sister managed to see a lot more and told me that there was a guy who got beaten up, taser by one of the guys, stripped (not intentionally I think) and even stabbed! :O And they ran away too! :O

The police and helicopter was dispatched and the area was taped for a bit saying no one to leave or come in because it was under investigation - my dad had no idea and I explained it to him and he went outside to speak to the neighbours outside - this was the chance for me to make the phone call or else it will be too late and could end up becoming delayed so I made the phone call got hat sorted and then spoke to my sister some more. After a bit a police came and my sister explained what she saw and they took her details down - it was soo crazy!! :O

The miracle part of this was the victim and the culprit wet over the fences and instead of going over our fence they went over the other neighbours fences instead so we were safe thanks to Allah! :D we were saved and blessed.

Anyways that was mostly what happened and then I went to sleep and woke up around 8ish and had to help with the cooking and then we had a peaceful Iftar surprisingly nothing about the incident came about so it was all good.

So that was all anyways until next time stay safe and be positive :) also today marked 15th Ramadan making it half way through MashaAllah!! :D I really feel that it's going quite fast :) xoxox

Oh one last thing here is a picture of the police:

And I forgot to mention the police were armed as well so it was pretty cool!! Scary but still cool!! :D xoxox

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