Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Waiting waiting and more waiting :)

Hey everyone!!! :D

I thought I fill you in what's been happening today firstly let me start off by saying that I beat my alarm clock and some up at 9:30ish just like yesterday! Nervousness is what it is :P when I know I need to be somewhere I wake up early automatically.

So anyways I didn't actually wake up until 10 past 10 and thought I could slowly get ready...which I did when I went on the DRL I saw a lot of people wearing very light clothes and thought to myself that they would be feeling really hot especially in this scorching sun I thought its better to wear loose clothes rather than tight fitted clothes because your body won't be getting any air going through.

Anyways after my trail of thought ended I finally arrived at the stop I needed to and then I went in circles to find the place...well almost in a circle ;) So while I was walking towards the place I got a text from the girl and she told me that she's going to be late and arrive at 1pm! :O I looked at my time and it was 11:24ish I thought wow! :O so I texted her back and tell her that I am almost there and she told me to look for a guy named Alex and I when I did find him he looked a bit lost as to why I'm here..he thought that I was here for the beauty appointment haha :) I was a little surprised but I told him I'm actually here to meet with the girl and he told me to take a seat on this lovely leather sofa :) comfy!

I actually waited patiently for an hour when the girl calls and then tells me that she's gonna be 20mins yay! :D so after patiently for about an hour and ten mins the girl walks in! So we get to talking and at the end of it all I got the job as PA!!! :D I'm soooo happy it's gonna be my first paid work!!! :D

Even though I got the job I thought to myself that I would prefer to do the internship as its more official in terms of getting into a specific job and working as as an intern and still have the other job as par time :) so hopefully I can get that to happen!! :D

I coming in on the 27th July 2013 for the launch day so I'm kind of excited with that!!! :D xx

Anyways after that I went straight to my uni for an appointment with my careers guidance councillor speaking to her about my internship programme on UEL and my CV. When I arrived the guy at the desk didn't check to see that I was actually not booked in!! :O so I had to wait a lot more patiently for my councillor to come - which wasn't a problem as I managed to do it more then an hour and I was doing other things anyways.

Finally my guidance councillor arrived and we went over my CV (oh by the way the guy at the desk helped me with my CV and advised me really well I was so happy) at the end of the session it comes down to me rearranging and updating my CV so then I would be able to hand it in ASAP and submit to the internship programme.

So yeah that's what's been happening and I must admit I am really REALLY happy about the fact that I got a job (even if it is for the next 3-6months) ohh I'm SOOO excited!!! :D

Anyways guys I will chat to you all later on in the evening with my Ramadan diary stay tuned! Take care and stay positive and as usual please feel free to leave any comments! :D xoxox

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