Sunday, 21 July 2013

Ramadan Diary Day 12 (Sunday 21st July 2013)

Salam to you all :D

Ok so I just finished my Salah for the day and I feel so refreshed and amazing. I'm really telling you the past couple of days I haven't prayed all my salah and because of it I've been feeling ill and what not but as soon as I started praying again today I felt wonderful Alhamdulilah :)

Anyway, today I did kind of wake up late (3:15pm late right?) but that's only because I slept at half 4...ok still no excuse lol. After a but I went to the doctors with my mum as she was not feeling well and boy did it take long to be seen...almost an hour and half by the time we got the mess and came home it was more than two hours!! :O I must admit that was a long time but it was fine because we had a nice walk back and it was great!! :D she talked and then went to the shops to buy a few things along with bueno (gotta have some chocolate after Iftar great great right?) and then we came home...I spent most of the day relaxing...we what's left of the day..

I saw on the Ramadan channel a nice unique pasta recipe and then a very interesting advert or more like reminder...basically long story short it was about a brother and how he likes to jog, meet friends, pray. Then it showed how he wasn't perfect like every human....showed how while jogging he was listening to music and while meeting with his friends he was smoking and offering one to them and he rushes his Salah. Then they showed how he was talking to a girl I the phone...and he has a car crash and dies...very strongly showing how every human would taste death...they then reverse each moment and show the scene with the soul of himself beside each one asking him to not do what he does and to spend more time doing what was asked of him...after it finished then it said 'Read your book'. 

My big sister asked me do you what book they are referring to and I said yes the Qur'an...but surprisingly she said no and told me it was the book on your life...because as Allah has said every action, word and thoughts you've ever had since you were born has been recorded in your book and we will be asked to read it and we will reject and say such things as..'I never done that or said that' and such and deny it when in actuality it's true...this was going through my mind and then I went and prayed and guess what I didn't rush it and I read it clearly and to the bee of my knowledge and Alhamdulilah I felt great!! :D I felt refreshed and good and I felt really pure.

Anyway afterwards it was Iftar time and thankfully today we didn't do much as we bought PFC (perfect fried chicken) it was nice and yummy to have once in a while :) we all enjoyed it and afterwards and cleaned up everyone's mess and just been relaxing and now I finished praying.

So a lot deep thoughts have been happening with me and also I feel like doing something creative so I think I would definitely give you guys a Monthly Special with that :)

Take care everyone and think positive xoxox :D

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