Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Ramadan diary day 7 (Tuesday 16th July 2013)

Hey everyone!! :D

It's time for another Ramadan Diary! :D Day 7 wow mashaAllah!! :D going by really fast...well for me it is anyway. Like I said later on the day that I had a busy journey!!

When I arrived home I didn't feel hot but more hungry then anything and honestly saying I did start getting a little cranky near towards Iftaar. Which is so unlike me but I think it's that Ramadan shapes you to be the best from inside to out :)

Anyways today's gonna be pretty short, oh I forgot to mention my first job and I work in such a nice place -crosshabour!! :D

Soo happy about it!! :D anyways until next time take care and think all positive as always :D xoxox

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